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About this broadcast:

This broadcast is a ministry of the Westwood Missionary Baptist Church in Winter Haven, FL. The purpose of this ministry is to provide free, uninterrupted access to Bible Teaching and Worship to anyone, regardless of location, age or income. This unique outreach is one of the only in the world; no ads, no restrictions, no requirements and no third-party involved. This allows for people to access the message and teachings of Christ in situations that would prove impossible otherwise. This includes those who are hospitalized, elderly ones unable to attend, soldiers currently overseas, families traveling, those without a church home, and many others! As long as the Lord provides for this ministry, it will always remain free, open and available to anyone. Would you consider helping us in this outreach? Either a one-time donation, or monthly support would enable this broadcast to continue reaching all around the world. Thank you for considering, and thank you for praying for this ministry!

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